Since 1966, making dreams come true


Our objective is you, your well being, your dreams.

Rest and sleep are essential for a healthy and active society. We continuously aim to provide, through our wide range of high-quality mattresses, relaxing nights and the best sleeping experience.
Our course is guided by three simple words: Innovation, design and quality.

Our factories

Valencia - Spain

60,000 m2

Our factories cover an area of 60,000 m2 in Alginet, Valencia and thus Dupen becomes a powerful mattress manufacturer in Europe.
The 100% sustainability objective has been with us for many years. Our commitment to the environment translates to leaving a better world for future generations.

100% renewable energy


All of our production buildings covering 60,000 m2 have solar panels on their roofs producing energy for all our factories. We take advantage of the sun, a great source of renewable energy in our geographical area. Our second source is the incorporation of natural and ecological materials to our mattress production.

With these actions we help the conservation of the planet, produce higher quality mattresses and contribute to better health of our customers.


Dupen is fully involved with its clients, distributors and final consumers to offer best possible quality and service for all our products. Buying Dupen is a full guarantee of being backed by a leading manufacturer and its whole team who ensure and make possible the continuous quality offered, the product innovation and the assurance that only an international market leader exporting to over 55 countries can offer.
We are proud to extend our period of product warranties well above the periods marked by law and other manufacturers.

” Quality is an essential reference point. Product quality is the best we can offer our clients.”