Natural Materials

We use high quality natural materials such as virgin wool and cotton. Best natural materials and best craftmanship make a long-lasting mattress for many relaxing nights.

Memory Foam

The unique healing properties of memory foam allow it to automatically respond to weight and body temperature and moulds to the perfect shape and position of your body. It is the ultimate sleeping sensation and comfort.


Graphene is material formed of pure carbon, very light, elastic and flexible and an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Mattresses with graphene are long lasting, temperature auto regulating and it fights bacteria, reduces humidity and bad smells.


Open cell structure latex mattresses are highly breathable and durable so your mattress will last longer. Latex does not retain heat, it is anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite and resistant to mould. Ideal for people with allergies.

AirDream Foam

The mattresses made with AirDream foam are characterized by their great adaptability and firmness. They belong to the family of the new generation of mattresses without springs.

Pocket Springs

Pocket springs are encased coils. Individual encasement enables each spring to adjust independently of the others to perfectly support your body in any sleeping position. Total independence in your sleep.

Bonnell Springs

Classic bonnel spring mattress for a firm and comfortable support for the back, long lasting, reinforced with edge wire to provide maximum resistance. Bonnell springs offer best ventilation.

Which mattress is best for you?

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