Graphene memory foam. Material of the future for today’s comfort.

Graphene is a material formed of pure carbon and is considered the super material of the future. The graphene is a carbon layer of an atom of thickness, organized in Hexagon-shaped cells. It is a very hard, flexible and lightweight material that has infinite applications. One of them is to combine it with memory foam.
The unique healing properties of memory foam allow it to automatically respond to weight and body temperature and molds to the perfect shape and position of your body. When we turn in bed quickly recover its shape and readjustments to the new position freeing all pressure points from neck, shoulders, back and knees.
In the Dupen graphene mattress, the memory foam is enriched with graphene to provide even better and healthier properties. Anti-static: Reduces the static load produced by the body in the bed. It dissipates the humidity of the body, which creates a better environment by not accumulating heat during sleep. Antibacterial: Bacteria do not survive in an environment of grapheme. Better pressure distribution thanks to the excellent properties of this material.


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