Perfect body alignment – luxury, comfort and quality.

High density HR core mattress, combined with natural materials such as virgin wool and pure cotton together with micro pocket springs with foam wall creates a very unique and innovative result. Virgin wool is beneficial in winter thanks to its thermal capacity to absorb moisture and as for summer because it attracts and retains moisture continually when the outside temperature is very high. When it evaporates it absorbs heat and it produces in the body the sensation of freshness.
Natural cotton allows the passage of air providing greater breathability, also helping to maintain the optimum level of humidity. The cotton is hypoallergenic and reduces the risk of causing allergies.
The springs provide a great firmness and adaptability that together with the softness of virgin wool and cotton create a sense of comfort and well-being. The pocket springs and natural fibers are held in place through the mattress with our exclusive pom-poms tufts made of soft cotton. The mattress has four handles embroidered for easy turning.


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