Luxury mattress, natural materials, craftmanship – total independence .

DUPEN GOLD mattress is a unique model created with the best natural products such as virgin wool and cotton, combined with the special multi pocket spring unit and a second unit made of micro pocket springs, the latest technology to provide the maximum comfort expected to enjoy the best sleep.
A high range mattress made with the best natural materials and with a double pocket spring unit.
The biggest advantage of using independent pocket springs with foam wall encasement is that any movement of a person sleeping on one side of the bed does not disturb the partner on the other side, helping to ensure a quiet and restful sleep. The pocket spring unit fits snugly inside and the foam blocks connect all four sides to create a firm perimeter support.
It’s the best edge system available on the market. The pocket springs and natural fillers are held in place through the mattress with our exclusive pom-poms tufts made of soft cotton.
The mattress has four handles embroidered for easy turning and the aeration valves are fixed on the sides to allow the circulation of fresh air. A natural mattress combined with traditional techniques provides unique comfort. A natural product
combined with traditional techniques, provides a unique restful sleep.
Multiply the fantastic features of the pocket spring system, increasing comfort and adaptability and providing great support and relief to your back.
DUPEN GOLD is a perfect combination of workmanship and natural products that improve our sleep, creating a unique and exclusive product.


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