Perfect mattress for Sport Lovers

When we submit our body to high physical efforts, we must allow the muscles to recover and regenerate the cells. Athletes need recovery time for this muscle repair. For this reason, DUPEN makes available to these athletes the ENERGY SPORT MATTRESS, created specifically to improve the wellness of the body after the intense exercise. All components of this magnificent mattress have been designed to improve what athlete needs. Designed to improve the circulation of internal air and thus favor the rapid evaporation of moisture and sweat, muscular regeneration during the sleep phase, pressure relief, circulation and heat dispersal. The mattress offers comfort, durability, stability, relief of all pressure points and improves the quality of our sleep.
CARBONE MEMORY FOAM – This component consists of carbon and viscoelastic atoms. Its properties have been described as amazing as it helps to release all the static electricity accumulated during the day in the body, thus eliminating pressure while resting and offering a restful and more pleasant sleep.
BIOCRYSTAL – Biocrystal is an innovative material that comes from the natural composition of 16 crystals combined as gold, silver and minerals worked with a special technology ( active glass technology that combines ancient knowledge about the properties of crystals with a modern scientific approach). Biocrystal foam is used in our Energy Sport mattress to enrich our level of body energy by improving energy renewal, increasing our concentration, relaxing muscles and nerve system, improving our sleep and general health.
POCKET SPRINGS WITH FOAM WALL – 360 degree foam encasement is an added feature found in only high quality mattresses. Fabric CoolAir 3D is used for the base layer of mattress to help regulate body temperature dissipating moisture and allow air circulation for better ventilation of mattress.


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