“The mattress to protect our planet”.

Since 1966 when we started DUPEN, we are committed to protecting our planet and our natural resources. The new Pacific Seaqual mattress is created from plastic waste collected from the Mediterranean sea. The fabrics are made of high quality polyester thread from recycled materials that include plastic bottles and other plastics captured from the sea. This is our contribution to help preserve natural resources and keep the oceans cleaner. This mattress is made with the highest manufacturing standards and is developed with the best raw materials to help save our planet.
PACIFIC SEAQUAL is made with VISCO AQUA gel memory foam layers that offer a cooling effect, free of humidity, ventilated and generates a pleasant temperature. VISCO AQUA material has been injected with gel particles that improve and maintain the temperature of the mattress. The gel is a new and innovative option for sleeping and is now available at home with the Pacific Sequal mattress.


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