“Exceptional memory foam mattress with pillow top and independent pocket springs. Optimal extra comfort.”.

Prestige is a high range mattress with memory foam topper and pocket springs. A unique sleeping experience due to the new pillow top system made with memory foam. This topper integrated into the mattress adds incredible extra comfort. The mattress provides greater back support points and adapts perfectly to the body mass distributing body weight and aligning the spine. Exceptional comfortable mattress made with independent pocket springs and memory foam.
The combination of memory foam and pocket springs provides maximum anatomic support, independence while sleeping and comfort. The biggest advantage of using independent pocket springs is that any movement of a person sleeping on one side of the bed does not disturb the partner on the other side, helping to ensure a quiet and restful sleep. Each spring reacts independently to the weight providing much better support for the lighter parts of your body and less pressure on your hips and shoulders. The mattress has four horizontal handles embroidered for easy turning the mattress head to toe.


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